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Jade Bloom Scam
« on: August 22, 2016, 02:46:15 PM »
I recently saw that Jade Bloom is giving away 100 Frankincense oils. This seemed like a scam to me, so I decided to look closer and here are some things I found.

1. According to their Frankincense Certificate of Analysis it expires in August 2016. That's less than 2 weeks away!
This certificate of analysis is exactly the same (just replace the logo) as their private label supplier and bottler "Health & Beauty Natural Oils"
They have an office in California, but you can call them to learn about their Private Label program. You give them a label design and they send you boxes of oils to sell. Almost all of their oils are distilled in India. However, to get the highest quality essential oils, they should not only be grown in the proper region, altitude and climate; they should also be distilled in that location.

2. They state that their GCMS reports are all done by a 3rd party, however their test was done on October 11, 2013 by their supplier in India

3. Jade Bloom states in their giveaway "FREE bottle of 100% pure Frankincense (highest quality in the world)", however this is Frankincense Serrata which does not come close to being the highest quality in the world.

4. Jade Bloom is a marketing company, not an essential oil company. They don't even write their own descriptions of the oils they sell. They just copied word for word the descriptions given to them by their supplier Health & Beauty Natural Oils (HBNO).

5. Jade Bloom recommends people use their oils internally, however their supplier states in bold letters "All products are for external use only."

6. Jade Bloom states in their Catalog that "we only purchase from those farms that we personally visit and audit on a regular basis". This is another lie. They don't personally visit farms and they don't even purchase from farms. They don't even bottle or label their own oils.

7. They also state in their catalog: "Yes almost all of our oils are distilled in our distillery." Sorry, but they don't own a distillery and they probably have never even seen it.

8. According to their Certificates of Analysis, many of the oils they are selling have already expired. Their Peppermint expired over 2 months ago

9. Their oil university deceives you into thinking they are experts, but these are just paid actors

10. They state that here that they are USDA Certified, but they are not... Another lie

In short, a company can make mistakes and we'll forgive them. However, blatant lies and deceptions cannot be overlooked. If you like cheap oils and want to stick with Jade Bloom, do yourself a favor and just order from the company they buy from: