Author Topic: Conclusion: Young Living, DoTerra, Ameo and others are OVERPRICED!!!  (Read 2729 times)


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Are Young Living, DoTerra and Ameo essential oils good quality?  Absolutely!  However, contrary to what their reps claim, their prices DO NOT MEAN BETTER QUALITY.  The fact that you are reading the "Other Essential Oils Talk" Forum means you understand this.

I've had MANY former Young Living, DoTerra and Ameo users confirm this fact after trying the essential oils for themselves manufactured by a company that has been around for way longer than any of them, namely over 30 years.  Their oils also go through more stringent testings than others to ensure the oils are 100% pure.  The best part?  The essential oils are sold for literally HALF the price of the even so-called wholesale prices, and are backed by an empty bottle 100% satisfaction guarantee.  In other words, the oils can be tried without risk because every penny will be refunded if the oils are not top notch.

Another HUGE difference is that there is no monthly order requirements, although reps from Young Living, DoTerra and Ameo try to claim that there is as a way to influencing people not to leave their fold.  The truth is that while there is a benefit to shopping regularly, it is NOT a requirement.  A person can purchase a single oil only twice a year, if that's what they want.

So, why would anyone in their right mind want to continue shopping at Young Living, DoTerra, Ameo to spend more money on essential oils when the same 100% pure essential oils can be purchased for HALF the price?

I've spoke to reps from Young Living, DoTerra and Ameo about this pricing issue and it floors me how some of them are so closed minded and blindly convinced that it is because their oils are superior.  The reality is that their company's oils are not the only high quality essential oil provider. 

More and more people are discovering the truth of what I have discovered and switched stores.  In fact, over 700,000 since January 2016 alone have switched stores!