Author Topic: What is in citrus oils that took away spots on feet?  (Read 1012 times)


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What is in citrus oils that took away spots on feet?
« on: January 13, 2017, 09:37:56 AM »
Okay, so I decided to just wing and try what I wanted to try. I have taken off my nail polish in October and have not put any on since. This is something I have never done before. I stopped going to get pedicures at the salon and began doing my own, but never gave my feet time to breathe, so anytime I would take off nail polish, I would always wind up with white spots on my big toes, but not the others. There is no cracking or anything else, so thinking it is either calcium deposits or discoloration. I would think it would be on all the nails, but my big toe is hardest to cut when I do cut them down. I go across, and have never in my life had any issues with ingrown nails. When I started and stopped going to the nail salon is when I started getting ingrown nails in my big toe, and also when I started to notice the white spots. Still until this day, I am not sure what exactly that is, but have been trying to rid it for months long! I have used scented Epsom salts, have given myself nice pedicures, and take care of myself regularly. Still, nothing worked. Frustrated, I figured it would just go away on its own, hopefully before summer begins.

I decided to give myself a nice citrus foot bath, and added in five different diluted essential oils: lime, lemon, tangerine, clementine, and orange. I did not use any Epsom salts and the hot water and oils felt awesome! Not only did the water smell so delicious, but my feet were super silky soft, the softest they have ever felt. When I took them out after just five minutes, the white spots were magically gone! I could not believe my eyes and thought I was seeing things, so dried them off just to get a second glimpse, and I was not seeing anything, it was a miracle that in all those months of waiting for those spots to be gone, within five minutes of putting in citrus essential oils, that it worked and the spots were gone. My feet looked and felt much cleaner, just could not believe the properties that these oils live up to, definitely the best I have purchased as of yet, that has actually worked! I am so excited about this.

My question is, what is in citrus essential oils that could have done that in a matter of minutes? Thank you everyone :)
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