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There are hundreds of varieties of geraniums, but only a handful of them is used in aromatherapy. Essential oil is mainly extracted from the leaves, flowers and stems of rose geranium, with fragrance close to the rose, and fragrant geranium. More or less strong depending on the plant used, the smell of gasoline can be heady, sensual or soothing. It blends well with most essential oils and balances other scents. This is why it is used extensively in the manufacture of perfumes.

   The essential oil of geranium, with its antiseptic power, accelerates the healing of wounds. It helps to stop bleeding. You can use it to treat acne, an ecchymosis, as well as all kinds of burns. I also recommend it to treat eczema, cutaneous ulceration and hemorrhoids. It is also a good remedy for lice and ringworm.
    The essence of geranium is suitable for all kinds of epidermis. I advise it as much for the care of the dry skins as of the greasy or wrinkled skins. It will balance the secretion of sebum, the fatty substance emitted by the sebaceous glands that preserves the elasticity of the epidermis.
    Geranium calms pain by numbing the nerves. Used in mouthwash or gargle, it will relieve sore throat, tonsillitis, and more generally mouth infections.
    Tonic and diuretic, geranium essential oil helps the urinary system and the liver to eliminate toxins accumulated in the body.
    Because it regulates the action of hormones secreted by the adrenal cortex, geranium oil is sometimes dubbed the essential oil of women. You can use it to solve various problems related to hormonal imbalance: breast swelling, symptoms related to premenstrual syndrome, menopause, etc.
    The geranium brings softness and harmony. Its perfume at once intoxicating and soothing makes us much good to us women. During the delicate stage of menopausal life, it provides us with precious support and comfort by calming our depressive states and irritability.

Precaution of use
Make a test on the epidermis beforehand, the geranium essential oil can irritate certain sensitive skin.