Author Topic: What's going on? Am I Sensitized? If So What Can I Do About it?  (Read 951 times)


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Hi All. New here, so hope I'm in the right place. I have a bit of an strange situation. I'm going to visit my GP, but hoped someone might have some ideas about what's been happening to my skin and mouth area. I'm afraid it takes some explaining so bear with me.

Thought I'd give some background to my skin. Basically I have maturing skin and have always had combination skin, although less oily in my T Zone in the past year or so. I've never had bad acne problems or anything, although Rosacea runs in my family and I do have a general redness on nose and chin, it's not enough to need treating. Apart from hayfever I woudn't say I am a sensitive person and can usually stick any old rubbish on my skin without a problem!

So about 8 months or so ago, I decided to have a look at making my own cosmetic creams etc at home and set about looking first of all, at the types of essential oils that might help with broken veins, wrinkles, sagging skin,redness etc. I did lots of reading around the subject and researched for hours. Six months on I felt I'd done a good deal of research and  I purchased some essential oils. I did patch tests on every one of them separated with a day in between each and had no reactions. So about 2 months ago, I purchased some Shea Butter and Almond Oil and a couple of other carrier oils. I'd never used Shea Butter before and when it arrived was somewhat taken aback at the smell. I made a cream of shea with olive oil and rose and lavender oils. The trouble is everywhere I looked or asked, it said Shea does have a strange smell and not everyone likes it. However after having used it for about 4/5 days I really couldn't stand the smell anymore and a friend of mine smelt it and said "that really doesn't smell ok" and said she'd never smelt Shea like that and it smelt really bad, so I ended up sending it back. Unfortunately I was beginning to get slightly inflammed skin on my face and suddenly experienced an odd reaction.

My face got more inflammed, so I stopped using the cream I'd made and did further patch tests on the essential oils. This is the strange bit, when testing behind my ears or inner arm, everything was fine, but I noticed when I had any oils on the palms of my hands, or by smelling some, I got a facial reaction partciularly around and inside my mouth. Almost as though I was tasting the oils on my hand in my mouth! So all this time on and I'm hardly able to use anything perfumes or hand soap or when I wash things etc, within a few minutes I get the strange sensation in my mouth. I get burning tingling lips and a hot tingling sensation on my tongue and a slight taste. My skin on my face feels as though it should look red especially around my lips, but there's nothing to see. I have been seeing some small red dots of spotson my faceial skin, not itchy, which come and go, but I really don't know what to make of it.

Of course it may be complete coincidence and have nothing to do with the oils or the Shea. I know women of my age (50s) can suffer from something called "burning mouth syndrome" and people with hypothyroidism can also have strange mouth symptom sensations. So does this sound at all familiar to anyone. I'm reading things about acid mantle and creams that can be laden with bacteria. Or have i had a delayed reaction to the oils. Having done a lot of research I used way less of the essential oils than recommended as I'd learnt they could be very potent. But now I'm not even using these things and still reacting to something in pretty much every lotion or potion I sue in every day life. I'm washing my face with water and oilatum and letting it dry naturally. So would really appreciate any comments or ideas. My  daughter can't eat fruit and she says what I'm describing sounds just like what she experiences when she accidentally is exposed. What I don't understand is that I'm not using essential oils in any thing but am still experiencing it everyday and pretty much all day! Thanks in advance.