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Hello From Colorado! ***MUST SEE***
« on: November 30, 2017, 01:45:32 AM »

Hi, my name is Alec Brewer. I am the author and have composed a wonderful eBook available on Amazon, but I would like to personally gift each and every person that contacts me or leaves a reply with the book, completely free! I will simply use the gift as a gift button on my Amazon listing and I only would very much so appreciate a honest review of it! :) I was born in Colorado in Denver, but I have lived in Florida for years of my childhood. I don't miss the swampy muddy feeling associated with Florida, but I do from time to time miss the beach and ocean. It was very calming and relaxing honestly. I do love Colorado since I was born here, I haven't taken advantage of the mountains in the way of skiing or snowboarding yet, but I would love to some day! It's just so expensive honestly, I don't have the money for that. My age is 20 and my birthday is in a few months. Every time for my birthday my parents take me out to a wonderful seafood place and I order king crab legs, my favorite all time food. I also enjoy Italian, American, and Mexican a lot! My hobbies consist of writing, marketing, working, gaming, and spending time with loved ones and that includes my doggy! :) My grandma and I have used essential oils for years and I truly believe it is the most natural thing you can use instead of lab produced medicine and over the counter products. We use everything from homemade shampoo, deodorant, soap, etc. I completely believe in natural medicine and that it truly works, my favorite way to use essential oils plain is by using a diffuser or inhaling directly through the nostrils, which I think has the most potent effect honestly. Enough about me, if you are interested in the eBook for free, please message me or leave a reply. It contains tons of the best recipes for daily issues such as depression, anxiety, weight gain, beauty problems, anti-aging, and recipes and oils for happiness, joy, and natural healing! Thanks for your time I really appreciate if you are reading this. :)

Thank you,
Alec  ;)