Author Topic: Lavender and Tea Tree Oil for hair growth ANNND removal?!?!  (Read 1386 times)


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I have been reading a lot of information on using essential oils for hair growth. My hair does not grow as long as it used to. I also have a syndrome that can cause hair thinning as a symptom. I have not noticed any thinning yet but want to stay on top of it just in case. I have read great things about lavender, tea tree,  and rosemary so I have mixed it with coconut oil to apply to my scalp and hair overnight.

Here's my concern...
As I'm searching and reading about the uses for these oils I keep seeing posts about using a mix of lavender and tea tree oil for hair REMOVAL! How can the same two oils be used for hair growth and removal?! I'm so confused and now scared to put these oils on my hair.