Author Topic: Have a question about an oil I ordered.  (Read 519 times)


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Have a question about an oil I ordered.
« on: March 07, 2018, 02:25:13 PM »
I ordered some citrus oils and as soon as I received them in the mail I checked their batch numbers online.  According to the company the oil was tested and bottled 1 year ago.  I have always read citrus oils lose therapeutic effect for the most part around a year.  Does this mean my oils have already lost their therapeutic value?  Should I return?  Now i am nervous to buy from any company because a year is a short amount of time, and unless a company allows you this info, you cant know if the bottle you are getting is a few months old or a few years.  Whats the norm you should expect from the time an oil is bottled to the time it is sold?