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Jamestown N.Y. Here :-)
« on: April 01, 2019, 03:15:40 AM »
im new into using oils, started diffusing 3 weeks ago  and love them. I have anxiety, bipolar, and adhd, and i have to tell you when im diffusing some of these oils, i dont notice any of the sideeffects of my diagnoses. I have yet to feel anxiety, mood swings, or feelings of hyper  ness when running lavender through my diffusers.

Another great perk is that i have been experiencing seizure type symptoms every night when i go to bed this past 2 months before running lavender at bedtime, and sine the very first night i started running a diffuser and lavender next to my bed on night stand, and I have not had a single seizure. i cannot find this coincidence because it was happening every single night within a couple minutes after closing my eyes, and seizures would last up to a few seconds straight at a time and would happen every few minutes and would continue for up to an hour. absolutely no seizures since running this lavender next to my bed.

you know its funny that i was influenced to try Essential oils from listening to one of my favorite youtubers condemn them in several of his videos, someone who never admitted to have tried them, but called them a scam, and placebo effect at best So i came into this a bit skeptical, but not anymore. a placebo doesnt get rid of seizures.

3 nights ago i did go to bed and forgot to turn my diffuser on, and the seizures started, and i remembered i forgot to turn it on so i did, i had one single very weak seizure a couple minutes later, then no more and none since, so i know for a fat now that this hasnt been a placebo effect. I have gone back and corrected that youtuber on every video he made about EO's.  Kinda rediculous that he condemns people for asserting things that they dont know to be fact, and there he was doing it about EO's, and admitted that he knew millions are using oils and called all delusional.

Anyways thats a short story about what brought me here. Hello to all and thanks for having me here.