Author Topic: Is the radha beauty website a scam site? Need advice asap plz....  (Read 122 times)

Bruce Cook

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Can anyone tell me if this is a legit radha beauty website, or an imposter?

I ask because I wanted to place some orders from ths site tonight, and this requires me to put in personal financial information. What concerns me is that when I went to check this company out on youtube for reviews, every video I checked out was all customers buying Radha Beauty products on amazon, none from this site.

Please only offer me advice if you either have personal experience shopping on this exact site I linked, or know others that have. Just please no presumptions, because if it is legit, I don't want to be discouraged from ordering. Someone from customer service  on this site is offering a little discount for being a first time buyer/customer, and it will be a bit cheaper than just shopping on amazon.