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Essential Oils For Good Health / Possible nerve ending/blood vessel damage
« on: February 01, 2017, 03:59:05 PM »

I assume most people on this website are over 18 but just in case, please only view this thread if 18 and older. I have a rather embarrassing issue regarding my buddy down below and I'm not sure where to turn with it so I'm trying health forums. I'm 20, my penis is sub-average in size and I looked all over the Internet for options to get bigger. The only consistent recommended option I saw was something called "jelqing". Every article that mentioned it said it didn't have many health risks and was natural. ----FYI: Jelqing is a form of soft squeezing  and trapping blood in the penis.--- About 7ish months ago I gave it a try for acouple weeks. I ended up quitting because I noticed a good bit less sensitivity and read some bad reviews on jelqing. It took about 6 months for my dumbass to realize I had an issue that isn't curing itself. It seems like over those months things have worsened. I lost A LOT of sensitivity and achieving an erection is more difficult and much less satisfying.  I have a couple white spots on my foreskin that seem permanent so I figure that may have something to do with blood vessels. I'm not sure if there's also some nerve damage and scar tissue but I would definitely guess nerves/nerve ending have been damaged.

I haven't seen a doc because I've seen what others with similar issues have said about their urologist visits. "Take this pill it will help with your erections".  Maybe I should see a doctor and get a professional opinion, I just don't feel like a urologist could do anything about my particular issue.

I was hoping to find some advice on any possible essential oil blends I could make to help heal me with topical application. I've already made a blend of Young living Helicrysm and Cypress. If anyone reading has knowledge of oils I should add, I'd love to hear! Of course, keep in mind it's a sensitive area, I'd hate to damage something further due to a harsh oil (like peppermint lol, hell no!) because the tissue down there can't handle it. Also, while I'm here, if anyone has a recommendation on supplements that might help, I'm already taking B12 and acetyl L-Carnitine in the morning for possible nerve repair. I'll take any advice, thank you for reading.

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