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Essential Oils For Cleaning / Re: Top 8 Essential Oils For Cleaning
« on: May 15, 2018, 06:08:57 AM »
Essential oils definitely are great and effective agents for cleansing and different oils have different purposes. Using them as blends synergistically can yield great results eliminating the requirement of soap based cleansers like face washes etc. The essential oils of geranium, sandalwood, rosemary, and lime are also great for the same purpose. Phi, Earth's Apothecary has created a cleanser with the antibacterial clary sage, the stimulating and detoxifying lemon and the purifying juniper berry essential oils. Its effective for all skin types and is a gentle cleanser with deep pore cleansing action.

Essential Oils For Beauty / Re: Lavender oil and acne?
« on: May 15, 2018, 06:03:27 AM »
Lavender with its tonic, sedative and antibacterial action is definitely one of the most effective oils to deal with Acne. It soothes the angry red inflammation and helps regulate the overactive sebum production. The Acne Prone Skin Range from Phi, Earth's Apothecary has lavender essential oil and other such anti-inflammatory and detoxifying oils that help with managing this condition. It is inclusive of a cleanser, toner and day and night serums providing complete skincare to give proper nourishment to the skin.  The cleanser is gentle and has a deep pore cleansing action, the Oily/Acne Prone Skin toner balances the pH of the skin and the Acne-prone Skin Day Serum and Acne-prone Skin Night serum protect the skin from allergens, bacteria, pollutants and promote healthy rejuvenation of the skin making it easier to manage the condition. 

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Phi, Earth's Apothecary is the result of a recent project to make available chemical free all natural skincare with pure essential oils. We have created a unique range of skincare with cleansers, toners and night and day serums optimized for different skin types. The products have been developed with the aim of healing the skin and providing it optimal nourishment.

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